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partyzan 4-09-2010, 15:18 False, Encryptions, WAV, Acid  
Sony Bill Laswell Collection Volume 1 False Encryptions WAVBill Laswell reveals secret codes from the underground. Break the codes and reformulate this information into new transmissions for broadcast within your own music communication networks. Your new codes will transgress all known music types.
The language of Bill Laswell is a musical Esperanto, an amalgam of cultures, subcultures, street cultures. Laswell's treatments of seemingly disparate musical information give equal power to the traditional and the experimental, the conventional and the exotic, the pure form and the strange hybrid. From this emerges a new confluence, a language of music perfectly suited for building original narratives in ACID.

partyzan 26-08-2010, 20:06 Sony, ACID, DJ, Expander, Pack, WAV  
Sony ACID DJ Expander Pack WAVIf you liked our ACID? DJ music creation package, then you'll love our exclusive ACID DJ Expander Pack loop library. This Sony? Sound Series? collection is the companion to our ACID DJ kit, the popular loops-and-software combination package. Enjoy a complete construction kit that delivers more of the same kinds of beats, basses, scratches, and synths that made our ACID DJ offering a killer loops-and software combo for crafting the finest in breakbeat, downtempo, jungle, hard house, and tech house tracks. For the best in modern dance music from Europe to Detroit and all points beyond, grab a few of our Sony Sound Series Expander Pack loop libraries, and get in the ring!

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