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partyzan 1-09-2010, 13:10 Urban, Grooves, Digital, Wax, WAV  
Sony - Stylus Pressure: Urban Grooves On Digital Wax WAVTake one session with our Stylus Pressure: Urban Grooves on Digital Wax collection, and you'll understand how vinyl resourcing and experimentation have led to some of the most innovative sound combinations ever created. Apply the Pressure and enjoy the strange fruits of years spent diligently cataloging and preparing fine soundz, distilled by Stylus Pressure down to thirty-seven royalty-free construction kits that effuse pure urban magik ? trippin' grooves and freaky sonic collages that flow into ACID? software as quickly as you can act and react with the paintbrush tool.

Bunker 8 Digital Labs Beats Breakin Pockets MULTiFORMATBunker 8 Digital Labs presents "Beats Breakin' Pockets", a construction kit selection of the highest order, designed for the discerning urban producer in mind. You have got to get these seriously ill vibes into your tracks. Are your lookin for those powerful glam slam hip hop vibes that will shatter the woofers and bounce dem bumpas? Well, look no further!.

partyzan 23-08-2010, 19:51 Bunker8, Digital, Labs, BoomBassTic, MULTiFORMAT  
Bunker8 Digital Labs BoomBassTic MULTiFORMATBunker 8 Digital Labs presents to you "BoomBassTic", the ultimate bass guitar collection for your greezy funk jams. Full of ear popping, booty bumping, phat funky grooves, this library will supply you with all the grease you'll need to get your tracks flowing. These bass lines have been designed to blow the roof off the party before your hook even kicks in. Whether you're going for a classic P-Funk groove or a hip-hop vibe, every bass riff has the phatness needed to make your listeners move their feet and shake some trunk.

partyzan 22-08-2010, 21:12 Bunker8, Digital, Labs, Break, Beat, Dance, MULTiFORMAT  
Bunker 8 Digital Labs - Break Beat Dance MULTiFORMATBunker 8 presents 'Break Beat Dance', a collection of construction kits that contains the best elements of Break, Electro, Dance and Hard Step. Each construction kit clocks in with Apple loops and Acid loops, the whole cross platform package.
Bunker 8 presents 'Break Beat Dance', a collection of construction kits that contains the best elements of Break, Electro, Dance and Hard Step. This package is sure to please even the most discerning electronic music composer/producer.

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