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partyzan 30-08-2010, 17:18 Sony, Media, Software, Machine, Language, WAV  
Sony Media Software Machine Language WAVBass Kittens, Pretension Records, and Sony Creative Software have joined forces to bring you the Machine Language collection, a comprehensive hard techno construction kit. Creator Jon Drukman has been a fixture on the West Coast dance music scene for over a decade, producing and remixing for Hardkiss Brothers, Mark Pistel, Freaky Chakra, Single Cell Orchestra, Mephisto Odyssey and others. The Machine Language library delivers intense dance floor action ? no polite, standard fare here, just 500 maximum techno loops created by a well-established pro, all imbued with the special bits that'll make 'em fly in ACID? software ? the ultimate dance music creation engine.

partyzan 25-08-2010, 11:35 Sony, Media, Software, Bradley, Fish, High, Strung, WAV  
Sony Media Software Bradley Fish High Strung WAVWhat happens when you throw down seven-string hard rock guitars, backwoods acoustic melodies, Chinese zithers, hot rodded electric dulcimers, shape-shifted autoharps, and sitars that resonate with the sacred drones of the ages? You get High Strung, the third extraordinary collection of sounds from veteran multi-instrumentalist and intrepid recordist Bradley Fish.

partyzan 24-08-2010, 21:24 Sony, Media, Software, Bradley, Fish, Restrung, WAV  
Sony Media Software Bradley Fish Restrung WAVThis follow-up to the Bradley Fish: Unstrung collection finds multi-instrumentalist Bradley Fish coaxing even more beauty from his amazing arsenal of stringed instruments. But there's a cool new twist: for the Restrung collection, Bradley called on veteran library producer Brian Daly to help develop a collection that elevates loop library design aesthetics to a whole new level. Nine hundred royalty-free loops are merely the appetizer in this incredible package that includes seven fully-produced, ACID? software projects that can be used as-is, as song starters for your own custom tracks, or as mixed .

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