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partyzan 30-08-2010, 17:18 Sony, Media, Software, Machine, Language, WAV  
Sony Media Software Machine Language WAVBass Kittens, Pretension Records, and Sony Creative Software have joined forces to bring you the Machine Language collection, a comprehensive hard techno construction kit. Creator Jon Drukman has been a fixture on the West Coast dance music scene for over a decade, producing and remixing for Hardkiss Brothers, Mark Pistel, Freaky Chakra, Single Cell Orchestra, Mephisto Odyssey and others. The Machine Language library delivers intense dance floor action ? no polite, standard fare here, just 500 maximum techno loops created by a well-established pro, all imbued with the special bits that'll make 'em fly in ACID? software ? the ultimate dance music creation engine.

partyzan 27-08-2010, 20:02 Sony, Sweet, Low, Bass, WAV  
Sony - Sweet & Low Bass WAVThe Sweet & Low Bass library is a flexible, ready-to-use collection of punchy bass guitar loops. From simple anchor lines, to complex hand-played arpeggios that sound like sequenced synths, the Sweet & Low Bass collection will satisfy your low end needs with high-energy results, track after track. Bring your production chops down on this huge collection of tight loops, and enjoy gnarly fuzz, creamy chorus, autowah and vocoded lines, lots of popping and snapping action, and even some cool chords and double stops. Funky, rockin', and progressive, the eight hundred plus loops on the Sweet & Low Bass collection are bright, growly, and aggressively performed. Enjoy the unmitigated sound of a thumpin' fretted electric bass, dressed up with brand new round wounds and played with authority. Sweet & Low Bass ? expect the best!

partyzan 26-08-2010, 20:06 Sony, ACID, DJ, Expander, Pack, WAV  
Sony ACID DJ Expander Pack WAVIf you liked our ACID? DJ music creation package, then you'll love our exclusive ACID DJ Expander Pack loop library. This Sony? Sound Series? collection is the companion to our ACID DJ kit, the popular loops-and-software combination package. Enjoy a complete construction kit that delivers more of the same kinds of beats, basses, scratches, and synths that made our ACID DJ offering a killer loops-and software combo for crafting the finest in breakbeat, downtempo, jungle, hard house, and tech house tracks. For the best in modern dance music from Europe to Detroit and all points beyond, grab a few of our Sony Sound Series Expander Pack loop libraries, and get in the ring!

partyzan 25-08-2010, 14:38 Sony, Structure, Capture, Future, Retro, Dance, Excursions, WAV  
Sony Structure/Capture: Future Retro Dance Excursions WAVSony Creative Software proudly presents Structure/Capture: Future Retro Dance Excursions, an IDM manuscript penned by R.D. White, veteran member of Los Angeles? influential ELM collective. This multi-tiered construction kit contains blueprints for crafting the now sound of future/retro electronica. Fire a frenetic blast of razor sharp one shots into a tranquil backdrop of textures and drones. Work with thick synthetic washes, intricate themes, tech-heavy broken beat rhythms, glitch beat sub-assemblies?all the best of the IDM world and more. Bonus materials include a killer ACID? starter project and a folder full of select complementary loops from the immense Sony? Sound Series? catalog. A fractal spiral of combinations lies sealed within this strongbox of exquisite sonic material. Unlock the potential of Structure/Capture inside the ACID software engine, and all other platforms that support the .wav file format.

partyzan 25-08-2010, 11:35 Sony, Media, Software, Bradley, Fish, High, Strung, WAV  
Sony Media Software Bradley Fish High Strung WAVWhat happens when you throw down seven-string hard rock guitars, backwoods acoustic melodies, Chinese zithers, hot rodded electric dulcimers, shape-shifted autoharps, and sitars that resonate with the sacred drones of the ages? You get High Strung, the third extraordinary collection of sounds from veteran multi-instrumentalist and intrepid recordist Bradley Fish.

partyzan 25-08-2010, 01:04 Sony, Sound, Series, Ambient, Realms, WAV  
Sony Sound Series Ambient Realms WAVSony Creative Software presents the Ambient Realms library, a library that spans a broad spectrum of highly unusual textures, effects, noises, and environments. Enjoy a selection of synthetic and natural soundscapes with great utility for scoring soundtracks, multimedia projects, and other original compositions. Every track ? organized into easy-to-reference categories ? is completely original and royalty-free. Take an out-of-the-box and out-of-this-world approach to your next audio project with the Ambient Realms collection.

partyzan 24-08-2010, 21:24 Sony, Media, Software, Bradley, Fish, Restrung, WAV  
Sony Media Software Bradley Fish Restrung WAVThis follow-up to the Bradley Fish: Unstrung collection finds multi-instrumentalist Bradley Fish coaxing even more beauty from his amazing arsenal of stringed instruments. But there's a cool new twist: for the Restrung collection, Bradley called on veteran library producer Brian Daly to help develop a collection that elevates loop library design aesthetics to a whole new level. Nine hundred royalty-free loops are merely the appetizer in this incredible package that includes seven fully-produced, ACID? software projects that can be used as-is, as song starters for your own custom tracks, or as mixed .

partyzan 22-08-2010, 19:02 Sony, Mick, Fleetwood, Total, Drumming, WAV  
Sony Sound Series Mick Fleetwood Total Drumming WAVTotal Drumming. A meticulously researched and executed project and a labor of love, the Fleetwood / Foundry synergy reveals the shining core of the Fleetwood style, and showcases all the beats and rhythms that literally changed the course of modern music. Mick Fleetwood, perhaps the single most influential drummer in rock history, paired with Sonic Foundry, the world's foremost producer of sample libraries, present the exclusive Mick Fleetwood: Total Drumming - let the power of rock history propel you into the future. This is a professional sound library of Mick Fleetwood?s drumming designed for use by electronic musicians in their original compositions. The collection was recorded at Blue Moon Studio in Agoura Hills, California in February 2002. Engineered by Joe Vannelli and Produced by Jonathan Todd & Mike Scheibinger.

partyzan 21-08-2010, 12:21 Sony, MediaSoftware, Either, Electronica, WAV  
Sony MediaSoftware Either Or Electronica WAVGreg Malcolm is one half of the internationally acclaimed electronica recording and performance duo Twine. Since 1998, Twine has maintained a steady course of action on the quest for a singular vision of IDM electronica and experimental music. The Either/Or Electronica collection is Twine's third sample library product, comprising a construction kit produced by Greg Malcolm entirely within the sophisticated Twine sound space. Beats and beat components, melodic materials, pads, and non-pitched elements are presented here in an offering rich with musical integrity and evolved loop library design principals ? the cornerstones of effective construction kit design. The Either/Or Electronica library will keep on giving as you keep on exploring the variations and combinations of this delightful collection with ACID? software in the expanding world of multi-platform hardware and software tools that support the .wav file format.

partyzan 21-08-2010, 11:09 Sony, Sound, Series, David, Torn, SPLaTTeRCeLL, WAV  
Sony Sound Series David Torn: SPLaTTeRCeLL WAVWhether you realize it or not, you've heard David Torn's work, be it on the air, the screen, or the stage. An extraordinarily unordinary guitarist, David uses stringed instruments to generate the source materials that fuel an infinite stream of massive soundscapes and twisted sonic implants. His uncanny ability to provide the perfect answer to any musical question has established David as a major player in the elite world of the most sought-after international musicians and sound designers. Now, David is prepared to meet your musical needs via the SPLaTTeRCeLL collection ? a rich assortment of sounds inspired by David's SPLaTTeRCeLL projects, and perfect for electronica, remix, and film music. Let the genius of David Torn and ACID? software take you to the deepest levels of sophistication in creative sound design.

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