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partyzan 6-12-2010, 14:58  
ProSamples Pack 1 [AKAI]
ProSamples Pack 1 [AKAI]
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ProSamples vol.01 - Hip Hop & RnB 1
ProSamples vol.02 - Hip Hop & RnB 2
ProSamples vol.10 - House
ProSamples vol.12 - Dance Vocals
ProSamples vol.14 - World Grooves
ProSamples vol.24 - Breakbeat
ProSamples vol.25 - Pop & Funk Brass
ProSamples vol.46 - Flamenco
ProSamples vol.47 - Breakbeat 3

Welcome to the PROSAMPLES series, a combined effort from three of the World's most critically acclaimed Soundware developers, BEST SERVICE, EASTWEST, and ZERO-G, to bring you a series of high quality sample libraries, in seven different formats in one package, to ensure that each PROSAMPLES volume is compatible with all of your sampling software and hardware. The PROSAMPLES series includes material from sample libraries that have already received thirty international awards!

ProSamples vol.01 - Hip Hop & RnB 1
Contents on this disc taken from the best selling CD Ill Jointz- Keyboard said: "The vibe is strictly mellow hip-hop, but with a remarkably wide range of grooves & colors. Instrument combinations are very inventive & effective. More of a live instrument feel to this disc than on some other sets I've heard - a nice change. 9/10? This collection includes 43 hot mixes in construction kit format. You get the loop, then various elements of the loop broken down.

New York producers Anthony "Jovier" Kerr and Eddie "E Smoove" Bell present cutting edge street flava for your sampling pleasure! This hot collection from EastWest Includes construction kit style loops, all broken down into their basic elements, set up for quick sampling to produce the phattest trax possible. All loops at least 4 bars long so you can feel the flow, cut up and combine them into new combinations. Many are longer for easy song construction.

UK Dance Magazine Knowledge said: "Loads of these tracks could be used as is for Hip Hop or R'n'B from sultry deep tracks to hard slamming beat tracks. There are a lot CDs around for this genre, but this one stands out due to its quality sound, sparse atmospheric vibe, and wicked drum loops". Keyboard said: "The vibe is strictly mellow hip-hop, but with a remarkably wide range of grooves & colors. Instrument combinations are very inventive & effective. More of a live instrument feel to this disc than on some other sets I've heard - a nice change. 9/10? Keyboard.

Contents on this disc include 43 hot mixes in construction kit format. You get the loop, then various elements of the loop broken down. These dope loops range from 70 BPM through 97 BPM. Enough material to compose your next Hip Hop chart topping hit!!

ProSamples vol.02 - Hip Hop & RnB 2
Content on this disc was taken from Black Butta, the smoothest RnB construction kits. You get the full mix, then various elements of the mix broken down. Loops range from 55 BPM through 95 BPM. With track names like "Drippin", "Playa 4 Real", "Slow Bump" and "Soft Body", you know you're looking in the right place for the hippest RnB, Slow Jams material around!! Many styles are covered from the Lauren Hill R'n'B end of Hip Hop, to chillout relaxation sounds and some seriously hip funkiness.

EastWest bring you samples and loops from Madjef's critically acclaimed Black Butta 2, which was awarded 92% and a PLATINUM AWARD by Future Music, who said "A break from the norm. Full of great, innovative samples with the kind of attitude you don?t find on other CDs. For inspiration this CD is unbeatable.

Many styles are covered from the Lauren Hill R'n'B end of Hip Hop, to chillout relaxation sounds and some seriously hip funkiness." You get phat, head bobbing dope beatz, hip hop and R'n'B loops, plus complete breakdowns of loop components from the engineer/programmer whose credits include Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson, Boyz II Men, New Edition, Karyn White and many albums produced by Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis. Madjef has compiled a fresh variety of beats, loops, scratches, bass & lead lines, live drums & fills, kicks, snares, and guitar samples in a construction kit format. An absolute must for Hip-Hop or R'n'B producers.

Content on this disc includes the smoothest RnB construction kits. You get the full mix, then various elements of the mix broken down. Loops range from 55 BPM through 95 BPM. With track names like "Drippin", "Playa 4 Real", "Slow Bump" and "Soft Body", you know you're looking in the right place for the hippest RnB, Slow Jams material around!!

ProSamples vol.10 - House
Simply the ultimate in house collections from Zero-G - featuring the very toughest house grooves (all BPM matched and grouped), basses, synths, vocals, FX and more, from top names in the house music world. REVIEWS: "Beautifully polished and compiled. The definitive resource for the house producer looking for cutting-edge dance-floor material. Meticulous attention to detail shines through in excellent sound quality and easy-to-manage tempo groupings.

With a name like Zero-G you can expect quality, but the sheer ease of use and clever layout will make Total House both a pleasure to use and source of inspiration for a long time to come! FIVE STAR AWARD" (Sound On Sound, UK). "If your goal is to see your fans dance the night away, this is for you - great sounds, awesome programming, variety and no filler... Classic & timeless in style... Great value for money... Grab it and work up a sweat. 9/10" (Keyboard, USA).

ProSamples vol.12 - Dance Vocals
This massive collection of quality vocal samples from Best Service brings you a vast array of Vocal hooks, vocal percussions, shouts, atmospheric intro and break vocal lines. There are also Harmonic choir multisamples for dance and pop production, male and female shouts, lines and hooks, and computer voices, psychedelic vocals, vocal scratches, laughter, bubbles, screams, and ambient hooks. All sounds were produced by professional artists and live performers. The library also includes mouth percussion for hip-hop and other styles. All samples are provided license free as usual. This collection is a superb vocal resource for dance, movies and jingles. It's a truly monster production offering great variety of samples, and includes a comprehensive selection of vocals for film and commercial production.

Here's what you get on this volume. Vocals in the follow styles- Male & Female Spoken Words, Vocal FX, Male & Female Ad Libs, Female Choir.

ProSamples vol.14 - World Grooves
This remarkable collection from Best Service features a wealth of traditional Latin American styles for traditional as well as pop music producers. The collection includes authentic brass sections (licks, riffs and shots), guitar licks and drum and percussion grooves. This ProSamples version of the Best Service Festa Latina library includes salsa, samba, merengue and murga. Loops come in one or two bars, at different pitches, 120 bpm.

There is also a superb collection of traditional pop latin pianos and bass loops, most in 4-bar rhythm, each in four keys and different tempi. Everything is designed to fit together, as construction kits combinable with other instruments (fast arranging is possible with your sequencer!). All the samples have a very native rhythm feeling - this is Latin at its best! A must for every Latin Music fan and producer, but also a perfect resource to add an exotic Latin-American feel to your pop and other productions.

This volume features Latin flavored grooves such as Salsa Brass, Salsa Bass, Salsa Drum, Salsa Groove, Salsa Guitar, Samba Brass, Samba Bass, Samba Drums, Samba Grooves, Samba Guitar, Merengue Brass, Merengue Bass, Merengue Groove, Merengue Guitar, Murga Brass, Murga Guitar, Baion Bass.

ProSamples vol.24 - Breakbeat
A new generation of 'Raw-funkin-dirtyass-boogiebeats' from Zero-G - original loops that mix old school with new sonic science. Drums recorded through vintage analogue & valve gear, then digitised, sliced, tweaked & freaked.

REVIEWS: "The kind of drumming that cries out to be sampled. Historically authentic, yet scorchingly brand new. Blindingly good dancefloor material. Pure inspiration - it sounds great & samples like a dream. FIVE STAR AWARD" (Sound On Sound, UK). "Some of the most imaginative drumming & production you?ll ever hear. The nearest thing you?ll get to booking your own top drummer & producer. An absolute essential. 91% PLATINUM AWARD" (Future Music, UK). "Right off the bat I was smiling. These loops have a uniformly great feel. This CD is at the top of its class. KEY BUY AWARD." (Keyboard, USA).

ProSamples vol.25 - Pop & Funk Brass
Zero-G's world-class horn library features the dynamic and much admired sounds of the UK's most respected horn section - The Phantom Horns (including John Thirkell and Gary Barnacle).

REVIEW:"These are some of the most convincing brass samples I have ever heard. The line-up consists of Trumpet, flute, flugelhorn and trombone, as well as Alto, Tenor and Baritone saxes. The riffs are all performed by various combinations of these and this CD provides an in-depth study of the range and versatility of the contemporary brass section. Format is fairly logical, with five main stylistic sections, namely: Tower of Power, James Brown Style, Earth Wind & Fire, Rock & Roll, and Reggae. Phantom Horns is a tremendous value - the sheer number and variety of usable riffs and phrases is fantastic. Overall rating: FIVE STAR AWARD ("Sound on Sound", UK)."A clever and well executed package that should cure a lot of headaches in a lot of studios." ("The Mix", UK).

ProSamples vol.46 - Flamenco
Recorded exclusively in Spain, this CD captures a wealth of traditional and modern rhythms and flavours played by original respected Flamenco musicians - names such as Ketama, Tino De Geraldo and Pedro Andrea among others. Includes guitar rhythms, Male Cantaor and Female Cantaora (vocals), tapping feet, solo tapping, castanets, shouted vocals and Cajon rhythms. Bring out the gypsy in your music!

REVIEWS: "All the building blocks you need to add either a hint of Flamenco to an existing track or construct your own Spanish-style dance floor smash.. This CD brings the feel of true Flamenco music into the realm of sampling. 4 stars." (SOUND ON SOUND, UK). "A diverse range of samples that will lend a true Spanish flavour to a variety of styles, whether you're looking to emulate Flamenco music itself or for adding intriguing texture in other styles." (THE MIX, UK). "The guitar stuff here is the business, played by expert Spanish connoisseurs of the style. 9/10" (FUTURE MUSIC, UK)

ProSamples vol.47 - Breakbeat 3
Returning to the "rawfunkindirtyassboogiebeats" that have made the Planet Of The Breaks series such a phenomenon, Emre Ramazanoglou delivers a huge selection of fresh and raw grooving breakbeats. Edgy and tough, small, large, fast, fat, lo-fi, hi-fi, mid-fi, broken, smashed, cuts, drops and extreme funk with quintessential quirk! Shawn Lee (Creator of the 5 star, Key Buy Award, Platinum Award 'Planet Of The Breaks' and 'Beneath The Planet Of The Breaks') was blown away when he heard these beats. Return To The Planet Of The Breaks will add that extra dimension of groove to your projects and tracks.

REVIEWS: "The standard of playing is extremely high, Emre's versatile style flows from sparse, laid-back grooves, through some truly heavy hip-hop loops, to faster, funkier patterns that would complement most modern dance genres. If you are a user or lover of funky, fresh drum loops played with bags of character and groove, this is for you. A worthy addition to an outstanding series. FIVE STARS" (SOUND ON SOUND, UK)

??????? ProSamples Pack 1

ProSamples vol.01 - Hip Hop & RnB 1


ProSamples vol.02 - Hip Hop & RnB 2


ProSamples vol.10 - House


ProSamples vol.12 - Dance Vocals


ProSamples vol.14 - World Grooves


ProSamples vol.24 - Breakbeat


ProSamples vol.25 - Pop & Funk Brass


ProSamples vol.46 - Flamenco


ProSamples vol.47 - Breakbeat 3


??? ? ??? ??????? AKAI(2 ????????? + 2 ?????)


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