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partyzan 16-08-2010, 11:59 DMS, Trance, MIDI  
DMS Trance MIDI Vol.1Our first pack of 30 original inspiring trance MIDI files. Get to work on your own anthems with these massive uplifting riffs! This download also features 85mb of wav and soundfont Trance samples! The sample pack features 10 trance kicks, 10 multi-sampled basses, 5 multi-sampled Access Virus trance lead synths and a single shot percussion section too to get your next track started straight away!

koss 15-08-2010, 18:41  
Keyfax Twiddly Bits The Funk MIDI
???? ????? ???????????? ????. ? ????????? electric piano, guitar, brass, Clavinet, bass ? ??.
Classic funk instrumentation including electric piano, guitar, brass, Clavinet, bass and more.

SIZE::.....: 16 mb

Prosonic Studios - MIDI Progressions (MIDI)


PROSONIC'S new MIDI PROGRESSION SERIES went GOLD on May 1st 2007 and it's going to blow our creative possibilities wide OPEN!

partyzan 9-08-2010, 22:19  
DMS Popfocus - Modern Pop WAV & MIDIPopFocus showcases a wide variety of modern pop music styles and sounds in this superb MIDI & Audio sample pack.
If artists such as Lady GaGa, The Black Eyed Peas, Taylor Swift and N-Dubz are what get your creative juices flowing then look no further. With four individual songs, two with verse/chorus and two with verse, bridge and chorus there's plenty here for you to be getting creative with! Just add your own vocals!
Like the demo? All the sounds used in the demo track are supplied as audio loops to drop straight into your favourite music software. Since everything you hear is also supplied in MIDI format your free to re-arrange, add your own unique sounds and much more! Drums are provided.

partyzan 9-08-2010, 22:14 RnB, Ultra, Cool, Keyboard, MIDI  
Smash Up The Studio Modern RnB Ultra Cool Keyboard MIDIThis sample pack perfectly reproduces the more synth based elements being used in the latest RnB tracks, whilst still creating the beautiful melodies and chord structures with piano's, guitars, and strings, which when all combined make modern RnB what it is today.
You get 60 fantastic 4 bar keyboard progressions ranging from 60-110 BPM. Each loop was recorded in 24 bit Wav format in our state of the art studio by top engineers. Also comes with MIDI files and Apple Loops and the Bonus beats used in the demo.
Modern RnB: Ultra Cool Keyboard Loops was produced and performed by Steve Burton whose keyboard work can be heard on many great RnB mixes, by artists such as Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson, Babyface, Jodeci, Sounds Of Blackness, B.M.U, Destiny's Child and Lemar, to name a few.

koss 7-08-2010, 19:52  
DMS - Technikal MIDI Vol.1 MIDI
Needing no introduction Hard Dance superstar Technikal unveils his first ever royalty free hard trance MIDI file pack - another amazing DMS exclusive! This versatile collection of 30 awesome riffs will get your productions rockin' from the word go ! This pack also con tains a bonus pack of 10 V-Station lead synth patches from the producer's own banks.
Our MIDI files provide the ultimate in flexibility. Simply drag and drop or import your chosen file into your sequencer software. You're then free to get creative ? re-arrange the musical phrase exactly as you want it, add your own unique sound and build up your new track!

SIZE::.....:23 mb

koss 7-08-2010, 19:21  
DMS Popfocus Modern Pop MIDI
PopFocus showcases a wide variety of modern pop music styles and sounds in this superb MIDI & Audio sample pack.
If artists such as Lady GaGa, The Black Eyed Peas, Taylor Swift and N-Dubz are what get your creative juices flowing then look no further. With four individual songs, two with verse/chorus and two with verse, bridge and chorus there's plenty here for you to be getting creative with! Just add your own vocals!

SIZE::.....: 16 mb

koss 8-07-2010, 17:24  
Roland Styles G-70, E-80-????? ??? ??????????? ??????? ??????? ? ??????????????????? Roland
??????: STL

???? ?????? 3900 ??????????? ?????? ??? ??????????? ??????? ??????? ? ??????????????????? Roland G-70
? Roland E-80(e-50). ????????????? ????? ???????????, ???????? ????????????? ??????????
Advanced Uninstaller PRO 9.6. ?????????? ??????????? ?????? ????? ?????????????????? ??????????
Style Works XT ? ?????? *.sty, ??????? ????????? ???????? ????????? ??????????? Yamaha,
? ????? ????????? ?????????????????? One Man Band, ??????????? ???????????? VST-??????????? ???
??????? ??????????? ?????? ?????????????

koss 5-07-2010, 23:10  
DMS Mega Pack (?????? ? ????)(Samples and MIDI)

????????? ??????? ? ???? ?????? ??? ???????? ??????.

DMS Dance FX Vol 1 WAV
DMS Dance FX Vol 2 WAV
DMS Dance FX Vol 3 WAV
DMS Dance FX Vol 4 WAV
DMS Electro House Drums Vol 3 WAV REX
DMS Electro House Drums Vol 1 WAV REX
DMS Electro House Drums Vol 2 WAV REX
DMS Deep Tech House MIDI
DMS Deep Tech House MIDI 2
DMS Nuborn Psytrance Samples v3
DMS Nuborn Psytrance Samples v2
DMS Nuborn Psytrance Samples v1
DMS NuBorn PsyTrance MIDI Pack
DMS Hardstyle Manipulation Vol 1
DMS DJ Stormtrooper - Hardcore Construction Kit
DMS Wolsfraektroes Music-Tech House & Progressive House Producer-WAV
DMS Epic Chords Vol 2
DMS Groove Criminals Analogue Fx WAV
DMS Groove Criminals Digital Drums WAV
DMS Groove Criminals Analogue Drums WAV
DMS Sylenth1 Sound Bank
DMS Darwins Piano Sessions Vol 1
DMS Minimal Edge
DMS Trance MIDI Combi Pack
DMS Nutty T Z3ta Hardstyle SoundBank

? ??????? ?????? ? MIDI ?????

koss 4-07-2010, 21:44  
Professional midi beats - ???????????????? ????-????? ????? ??? XLN Audio Addictive Drums, BFD ? ??.
???????????????? ????-????? ????? ??? XLN Audio Addictive Drums, BFD, EZDrummer, DFH 1, DFH 2, DFHS, DFH C&V, Groove Agent. ????? ?????!- -Groove Monkee Rock is a collection of over 1500 MIDI beats covering 10 styles of rock music. In addition, there are
grooves for the following feels: basic rock - straight, basic rock - shuffle, half-time and progressive. This library also
includes over 200 extra drum fills, 100 intros and a bonus section with quite a few twisted and intriguing beats.-Highlights
- 1500 Royalty Free Rock and Pop Beats
- 10 styles of rock music plus additional feels like half-time
- 6 variations and fills per beat
- 100+ alternative time signature grooves and fills
- Addictive Drums and GM formats
- Over 200 extra 1 and 2 bar fills
- BFD and EZDrummer files available free of charge

64 Mb MIDI!!!

koss 18-06-2010, 12:28  
DMS Progressive House MIDI Vol1 (HF Only)
If you've been searching for that killer house riff in vain, then look no further than our brand spanking new Progressive House pack: 45 MIDI files featuring basslines, chord sequences and lead riffs all organised into 15 unique house tracks for you to pillage and plunder for your own productions!

Warm, chunky chord sequences and insistent repetitive riffs are what prog house is all about, and so we've put together a pack that brings the best of the old school and blends it with the cutting edge sheen of modern house. You'll find acid house-style minor progressions sitting alongside moody, twisted basslines. Remember, they're all MIDI files, so you can edit them, manipulate them or nab them wholesale as they're copyright free!

koss 15-06-2010, 09:56  
SmashUpThe Studio Midi Keys Gold Piano RnB Soul [MIDI]
Smash Up The Studio continue their range of top quality MIDI Loop Packs with: Piano RnB/Soul. Containing 50 performances by a professional session keyboardist, this MIDI pack is essential for those craving soulful RnB progressions.

koss 8-06-2010, 21:54  
The Turntable presents - MIDI 08 (????? 35.000 midi ??????)
This is a huge midi files collection, about 35.000 midi files including:
-Full midi songs of all genres (eg. punk rock, classical, house, pop, heavy metal, d&b, latin, r&b, trance, you name it) collected over the years through internet
-Midi ring tones again from the whole music spectrum for use on mobile phones
-A massive library of about 28.000 midi drum patterns for use in any sequencer or virtual instrument, with a variety of time signatures (eg. 3/4, 4/4, 5/8, 7/8, 9/8....) and drum styles (eg. alternative, hard rock, African, Indian, tablas, reggae, dance....)
-Some other instrument midi styles (eg. piano, guitar, bass...)
-Greek midi files collection where you can find almost all traditional, popular and many of the newest midi tracks found on the net.

koss 31-05-2010, 00:19  
DJ Tools - Ultimate Midi Collection - ????????? ????? 10 000 midi ??????

? ???? ????????? ??????? ????? 10 000 midi ??????!
??? ???????? ???????????? ?????? ????????? ? ????? ?????!


??????: 200 MB

koss 29-05-2010, 11:56  
Ueberschall Rhodes Attacks (WAV & MIDI)
Ueberschall Rhodes Attacks - ???? ?? ????? ?????????? ??????????? ????? Rhodes - ??????? ?????????? ?????, ????????, ???????? ? ?????????????? Rhodes ??? ?????? ? ?????? drum&bass, house, R'n'B, trip hop

The legendary rhodes is back in town. With some ultimative hypnotic vibes and grooves. For drum&bass, house, R'n'B, trip hop productions. Kick back and get inspired by lots of phrases, licks and harmonies. Hit the rhodes! MIDI files of all licks and phrases from the audio-tracks !

??????: 800 Mb

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