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anabioz87 6-01-2011, 20:53  
SPL Analog Code Bundle VST RTAS 06.01.2011SPL Analog Code Bundle - ????? ???????? ????? ???????? ??? ????????????????? ??????????. ?????? ??? ????????? ???????? ?????????????, ???????? ???????????? ??????? ? ??????. ????????? ??? ???????, ?? ????? ???????? ??? ??? ????? ???? ?????? ?????? ?????????? ??, ???? ????????????? ?????????? ? ??????. ???? ??????? ?????????? - SPL Analog Code EQ Rangers ?????? ?? ?????? ?????? ??????. ??? ??? ???????

SPL Analog Code DrumXchanger VST RTAS v1.0.4

You guessed it: the DrumXchanger replaces drum sounds. What?s more surprising: based upon our proprietary Transient Designer technology, it can replace drum sounds irrespective of their level.

By inventing level-independent dynamic processing in the 1990′s, we provided the foundation for all transient processing tools. Now we have once again resorted to this proven and tested technology to develop our latest software tool. The DrumXchanger works level-independent and replaces samples phase-accurately in the original signal. DrumXchanger uses the Transient Designer technology for drum hit recognition rather than sound creation. Hence, all drum hits, including the faintest ghost notes, are faithfully recognized regardless of their dynamic level. The samples can be mixed with the original sound and there is also a ducking function available, which only reduces the level of the original drum hit itself without affecting the ambience around it.

Besides the basic functions to process the original and sample signals, DrumXchanger includes two fully operational Transient Designer processors, as well as high-pass and low-pass filters for the original, sampled and output signals. All samples can be pitch-shifted one octave above or below in real time, while a delay control allows precise sample replacement.

SPL Analog Code EQ Rangers Volume One VST RTAS v1.3.1

Analog Code component modeling, passive circuitry replication, compatible with all major DAWs

The EQ Ranger plug-ins are based upon the EQ modules for the SPL RackPack series. They combine the amazing sound of passive fliters with extremely efficient operation.

This EQ package provides Bass Ranger, Vox Ranger and Full Ranger. While Bass Ranger and Vox Ranger are specialized to process their specific frequency ranges, the Full Ranger complements the specialists with a set of filter bands that covers the whole frequency range.

An extremely easy to use, powerful set of wonderful sounding EQs.

SPL Analog Code Passeq VST RTAS v1.0.1

The fantastic qualities of SPL?s Analog Code programming faithfully reproduce the unique sound quality of the original hardware. All the complex interactions between each single filter are reproduced in every detail. One of the peculiarities of passive filter designs is that they can be seen as one big filter ? the signal always runs through the whole network. Whenever the settings change, a flow of interactions takes place between the filters, providing the characteristic and unique sound of these EQs ? something that will never happen with active EQ designs.

Reproduction of all interactions between the passive filters
72 filters on three bands per channel
Emulation of input and output transformers
Two graphical user interfaces: dual-channel and space-saving single-channel view
Switchable M/S mode for independent processing of mid and side information

SPL Analog Code Transient Designer VST RTAS v1.3.1

This Analog Code plug-in is based upon the original analog Transient Designer from SPL which established the revolutionary concept for level-independent dynamic processing.

Only two controls allow to completely reshape the attack and sustain characteristics of a sound: Attack can be amplified or attenuated by up to 15dB while sustain can be amplified or attenuated by up to 24 dB.

Working with the Transient Designer is very simple, however, the possibilities for studio and live application are seemingly endless.

SPL modeled plug-in version of the original analog Transient Designer
Increase or decrease the impact of percussive sources
Reduces or increases room sound or preexisting reverb on virtually any source
Great gate substitute, minimizes mic bleed in seconds
An essential mix tool endorsed by the worlds finest professional engineers

SPL Analog Code TwinTube Processor VST RTAS v1.3.1

As with all Analog Code plug.ins, the TwinTube plug-in is modeled after an SPL analog hardware processors. In this case the TwinTube processor of SPL?s RackPack modular system has been the paragon. The TwinTube combines the two main artifacts that can be produced with tubes: harmonics and saturation effects.

Our programmers did a great job in creating a very good sounding tube simulation. The special qualities of the analog TwinTube are in enhancing in fact nearly any signal with the classic analog sound attributes. Now we can fully transfer those amazing results to the digital domain. And where could the warm, transparent and smooth sound of analog tube and coil filtering make more sense than in DAW productions?

SPL modeled plug-in version of a world-class tube effect processor, the TwinTube for saturation and harmonics processing
Tube saturation effects can be compared to the benefits from tape saturation
SATURATION for more warmth, loudness, subtle to heavy harmonic distortions
HARMONICS for more presence, clarity without boosting levels puts signals in front of a mix
Versatile processor for all sorts of signals and sounds, excellent for vocals, acoustic guitars, drums, brass ?

SPL Analog Code Vitalizer MK2-T VST RTAS v1.3.1

The Vitalizer applies psychoacoustic and audiometric principles to achieve a verifiable improvement while enhancing the sound. The Vitalizer processes only the original signal and generates no artifacts. Patented filtering techniques highlight the richness of the audio signal in all its detail, while the interactive parameters make it possible to alter the sound in a musical and effective way. This unique combination of precise filtering and intuitive usability enable you to instantly make any music production more stimulating and natural. Music and speech are made clearly distinguishable and comprehensible, loudness more intense, and the whole soundscape becomes

Special Features:
Patented technology for automatic sound optimizing
Very easy to use
Bass, mid and top end processing
Unmasking of overlapping sounds
Adjustable soft and tight low frequency sounds
Ideal sounds patterns for electronic sounds/genres
Mono, stereo or multi-channel operation

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Download | Скачать SPL Analog Code Bundle VST RTAS 06.01.2011 бесплатно :

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» Download | Скачать SPL Analog Code Bundle VST RTAS 06.01.2011 бесплатно
» Download | Скачать SPL Analog Code Bundle VST RTAS 06.01.2011 бесплатно

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