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koss 11-03-2010, 20:42  

???????????? ? Supreme Pianos ?????????? ??????????? ????????????? ????????? ???????? ???? ?? ???????? ?????, ??? ? ??? ?????????????, ?????? ??? ????????? ????????????? ???????? ??????????. ????? ???????????? ? ????? ??????????? ??????????, ??? Harmony Rendering Engine ? Multi-Dimension Vector Synthesis.

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Supreme Pianos is designed for the purpose that using physical modeling technology to achieve the same reality level as sampling while keeping the CPU usage low. In order to do this, Supreme Pianos uses a series of groundbreaking technologies including Harmony Rendering Engine and Multi-Dimension Vector Synthesis. The basic idea of Supreme Pianos is coming from 3D graphic rendering. It uses Physical modeling to shape the sound?s ?skeleton? of the piano, and then mapping a series of harmony components on to the skeleton to achieve an authentic sound. Supreme Pianos does not rely on sampling, has a small memory footprint and extreme low CPU usage making it ideal for live performances. Even on a Pentium III 533MHz system, it could work great while running under heavy duty. And on today?s quad core system, Supreme Pianos could maintain CPU usage unnoticeable. Supreme Pianos contains 3 grand pianos, Blue Water Piano, Red Wings Piano and Mini Piano. Supreme Pianos now provides Stand-alone version and VSTi plug-in version running on Windows system. There will be more add-ons in the feature.


Revolutionary 256 stages/40Hz Harmony Rendering Engine adds Reality to the sound of physical modeling piano.

Patented Multi-Dimension Vector Synthesis technology reveals the power of next generation Physical Modeling technology that is 20X faster than traditional physical modeling algorithm.

Proprietary Real Dynamic Response System accurately represents real grand piano?s non-linear dynamic response.

Full repedalling feature accurately recreates the behavior between pedal up and pedal down.

Proprietary 264-strings Sympathetic Resonance System reproduce comprehensive Sympathetic Resonances of a true Grand Piano.

Optimal Coding for Multi-core CPU leads to extreme low CPU usage and RAM usage. The CPU usage even lower than a sample player!

Optimal for most MIDI keyboards.

Small Size, Total 335MB for 3 Pianos

Full MIDI learn and automation

Harmony Rendering Engine

Harmony Rendering Engine is a ground breaking technology developed to give physical modeling instruments more reality in sound compared to sample libraries.

The first step in Harmony Rendering Engine is using a group multi phase filters to separated all harmony components in an instrumental sound. After this step, we could obtain a series of harmony components.

The second step is mapping the harmony components to the physical modeling skeleton and then rendering to the final result.

The main advantage of Harmony Rendering Engine is that the CPU usage does not affect too much by polyphony numbers. For under heavy duty situation, the CPU usage by Harmony Rendering Engine is 3 times as mono in maximum. But in a sample player, 128 polyphonies often mean 128 times CPU consumption compared to mono. So harmony rendering will lower CPU usage a lot. Harmony Rendering Engine will also be limited in size. It is much less in size than sanples.

Harmony Rendering Engine also could give the sounds more color when cooperated with Multi-Dimension Vector Synthesis technology

Multi-Dimension Vector Synthesis

Multi-Dimension Vector Synthesis (MDVS in short) is a patented technology developed for next generation physical modeling. MDVS takes all factors as dimensions and modeling the behavior between each of them. For example, MDVS takes pitch, velocity and time as three dimensions and modeling the behavior between them. The result of MDVS leads to a very accurate model.

Optimal Coding

Cooperated with Harmony Rendering Engine and Multi-Dimension Vector Synthesis, Optimal Coding makes the CPU usage even lower than a sample player! Also the RAM usage is subtle and the plug-in could be loaded within two seconds, that?s really fast. For today?s quad-core system, Supreme Pianos consume less than 2% CPU under heavy duty (over 64 polyphonies). And in a very old system like Pentium III 533, the CPU usage remains 20% maximum under heavy duty.

CPU usage under heavy duty on a quad core system. Kontakt 2 is using an 800MB piano sample library for simple sample playback. You could see Supreme Pianos cost only 50% CPU of a sample player! For other physical modeling competitors, Supreme Pianos could win with ease.


The real pianos the strings doesn't stop vibrating immediately after you release the key, and if you press the sustain pedal in that short interval while the string is still vibrating, you could allow it to sound again and continue from that velocity point. This works mainly for the bass notes.

Also when you hold one key and press the pedal. The sound will naturally switch to pedal down sounds. Repedalling feature enable Supreme Pianos sound more nature than others when you press the pedal. And what is more, different pedal value (CC64) in Supreme Piano result different sounds while others have only two values.

Real Dynamic Response System

Proprietary Real Dynamic Response System accurately represents real grand piano?s dynamic response. The Real Piano?s dynamic response differs from what we hear in sample library. Every note of the real grand has its own dynamic response. For example, low note A0 could have 33dB dynamic range while High note C8 has a 53dB dynamic range.

Real Dynamic Response System let every notes have individual dynamic response which could accurately represents real grand piano?s dynamic response. The result of Real Dynamic Response System is supernatural and brilliant sounding.

Also we know that MIDI has only 128 velocity values. Real Dynamic Response System successfully exceeds this limit and could have a range over 16 millions velocity levels. The result of this leads to an exquisite sounding.

The 264-strings Sympathetic Resonance System

Sympathetic Resonance happens when you hold some notes while hit another note. The strings sympathetic resonate with each other. The pitch and volume are determined by note and also the holding note. So it is a very complex system that other Piano VSTi and sample library failed to recreates before. Supreme Pianos uses 264-strings Sympathetic Resonance System that first time recreates the whole behavior.

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Download | Скачать Sound Magic Supreme Pianos Red Wings VSTi v.1.4 (ASSiGN) бесплатно :

Пароль: promosound.org

» Download | Скачать Sound Magic Supreme Pianos Red Wings VSTi v.1.4 (ASSiGN) бесплатно
» Download | Скачать Sound Magic Supreme Pianos Red Wings VSTi v.1.4 (ASSiGN) бесплатно
» Download | Скачать Sound Magic Supreme Pianos Red Wings VSTi v.1.4 (ASSiGN) бесплатно
» Download | Скачать Sound Magic Supreme Pianos Red Wings VSTi v.1.4 (ASSiGN) бесплатно

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